Love Amongst Ruin - So Sad (Fade) music video

Our promotional video for ex-Placebo drummer, Steve Hewitt's band, Love Amongst Ruin. Our idea was to use the juxtaposition of 2 different choreographed scenarios (working with a dance company) to create an elegant but tense storyline within which the band would perform, telling the story as it unfolded. Shot entirely in one location, the film shifts between the ballet style routine in the main room (with band performing in a second room in the background, with vivid back projections to create a strong contrast to the main, stark room).

The second scenario, again, created further contrast to the ballet scene with 2 dancers partaking in a jarring, intense and desperate dance portraying their love breaking down. Additional scenes and shots throughout the film added further intrigue and colour to this great music promo. Directed, produced, shot, edited and colour graded by the Red Banana team.

Project details
Shot on the Canon 5d Mark II and secondary shots filmed with the Canon 7d on a junior steadicam rig.

Love Amongst Ruin

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