Paradigm night journey and installation timelapse

An adventurous film, we produced this to show the complicated transportation of this mammoth sculpture from its creation on the outskirts of London all the way in to be installed outside the brand new Francis Crick Institute next to Kings Cross St Pancras.

Using timelapse techniques to capture the entire 4-hour journey at a fast rate, we put together this captivating film as though you are sitting on the sculpture itself as it makes its way through the network of roads to its destination overnight.

A staggering 14 metres high and made of 26 tonnes of weathered cor-ten steel, the sculpture entitled 'Paradigm' provides a strong, visual statement.  Conrad Shawcross was commissioned by the Crick to create a stunning piece of public art to be located in front of the new institute.

Funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust, the sculpture is an astounding feat of engineering and continues the artist's long standing collaboration with structural engineering practice Structure Workshop. Starting from a base of under one metre wide, which seemingly punctures the pavement, each subsequent tetrahedron grows steadily in volume to the top tetrahedron that is a monumental five-metre wide width and height.

Project details
Canon 5D Mark II, Canon C300, Sony F55, Brinno TLC200 Pro

The Francis Crick Institute

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