Paradigm Film 1 - Conrad intro & Paradigm concept

Red Banana produced, filmed and edited this intro to the concept behind the Paradigm sculpture and to the artist himself, Conrad Shawcross.  Conrad was commissioned by the Francis Crick Institute to create a stunning piece of public art to be located in front of the new institute next to Kings Cross St Pancras.

Funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust, the sculpture is an astounding feat of engineering and continues the artist's long standing collaboration with structural engineering practice Structure Workshop.

Getting interviews with Conrad and Sir Paul Nurse (Director of the Crick Institute) was essential to introduce both sides of the planning stage. We also spoke to other artists who work with Conrad as mentors and the director of the Wellcome Trust to create a complete picture. With footage of the blueprints and computer images of the sculpture plans to backup the coming together of ideas, as well as getting inside Conrad's studio, we present a good beginning of the Paradigm saga.

Project details
Canon 5D Mark II, Canon C300, Sony F55, Brinno TLC200 Pro

The Francis Crick Institute

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